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Baggage Trolley: The easiest way to disperse an advertising message at the airport is through mobile advertising on Baggage trolleys. What makes them unique is that they are cost-effective media for brands and are used by 90 per cent of the travellers at the airport. The advertisements displayed can be done on the front, back and the side of the trolley so as to be seen by all travellers at the airport.


Boarding Pass: An exclusive, efficient and cost-effective solution to present your brand to in-flight travellers. A boarding pass is, in fact, the most important document for domestic flyers and the second most after the passport for international travellers.

Baggage Tag: A perfect advertising space for long-lasting impact and visibility as it stays with the flyers for quite some time.

Aerobus/Bus Handles: Aerobus and bus handles are a great platform to advertise. While you can wrap the whole Aerobus from outside for greater visibility, bus handles can also be interactive in nature. Passengers on a moving bus tend to grab onto something, therefore touching the handles, giving the advertisement higher visibility.



Baggage Tray Brand recognition and recall are something that every advertiser looks for. Hence, security check trays give advertisers the opportunity to engage to their target audience. One can get them customised according to the client too. This medium never goes unnoticed.


Lounges: As the travellers relax in upscale, exclusive and sophisticated lounges, your product can be featured on digital screens, banners, tent cards etc to target the HNIs.



Product Sampling: You can sample your products like sachets, coupons, brochures, vouchers etc through the cabin crew during a flight. A direct handover not only creates more impact, it ensures high brand recall value and boosts in sales.

Brand Announcement: A unique and memorable way of promoting your brand where the cabin crew makes an announcement about your brand in 2-3 lines.

IFE Video Advertising: Make an impression on flyers during the boarding process i.e. take-off and before landing where the brand ad can be seen by captive cabin travellers. It is a scripted message that is non-intrusive, entertaining and memorable.

Headrest Cover: All seat backs can be customised for a client. They are noticeable immediately upon boarding and stays in place throughout the flight, instantly capturing the flyers’ attention.

Overhead Bins Equipped with biggest space for in-flight advertising onboard, this is the area that no one can ignore. And there's an overhead bin for every traveller. So make the most of it and get your brand get the best visibility.

Bulk Heads What's key with advertising in Bulkheads is that they are situated in key locations within the aircraft; often head-on and in the eye-line of passengers, making them perfect for advertising. It ensures that your brand and message is viewed & remembered for long.

Meal Tray Stickers More than 70% of air travellers consume something while onboard an aircraft. So meal tray stickers are a great way to advertise if you want to stay in the memory of the traveller.

Tray Table device: An advertising spot that no passenger can miss, Tray Table Devices are tamper proof advertising devices placed at the back of each passenger seat and in eye-line of the passenger sitting at the back. The USP of these devices is that they are always in front of the passengers viewing radius during the entire flight duration making this medium high on recall value.


Conveyor Belt: A place where passengers wait for their luggage, with their eyes glued onto the Conveyor Belt. With an average wait time of 8-10 minutes, this medium of advertising gets a lot of attention and brand recall from the travellers.



Airline Wrap, Branding aero-buses (inside and outside), staircases on the tarmac etc


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