Over the past few years, Coffee Tables Books (CTBs) have evolved from being chunky paperweights whose only purpose was to decorate their namesake piece of furnishing. They are now treasure troves of inspiration, fantasy and flights of fancy - covering every subject from globetrotting travel, luxurious design interiors, celebrity style, contemporary art and achievements of business houses. These books are not meant to simply act as decorative props - the wide range of photographs juxtaposed with related text keeps a reader with it for hours on end, returning to it, time and time again.

A CTB aims to capture the story of an individual or an organisation in their own words. To leave a legacy, a chapter from your life that you are proud of, a story that needs to be told and retold. All this enhanced with a wide spread of photographs topped up with small amounts of text, meant for a quick and light read.
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INDIA-CHINA CULTURAL CONTACTS The Encyclopedia of India-China Cultural Contacts (encapsulated in two volumes) captures the history of cultural exchanges between India and China. Since this book is viewed as an extension to the India-China bilateral relations. It was released by the Hon'ble Vice Presidents of India and China on June 30, 2014 in Beijing. This encyclopedia encompasses the rich history of contacts and exchanges between the two countries.
LOOK BOOK FOR MAKEUP A look book for Monsoon Salon & Spa, this makeup book is a one-stop solution to look at all the gorgeous work that Monsoon has done over the years. With Vidya Tikari as Director Makeup, the book is filled with amazing pictures of the various makeovers, bridal looks, editorial shoots for various magazines like Spiceroute, L'officiel, Estetica, etc. and Monsoon's experience doing the hair and makeup for India Fashion Week over the years. The quality of this book is really outstanding, and it's definitely a "must-have book" for those ladies who are interested in the fabulous and transformative power of makeup.
LOOK BOOK FOR NAIL Similar to the Makeup Book, this is also a look book to showcase the Nail Art created by Monsoon Salon & Spa in association with Rhapsody Nail Studio, the best nail studio in Delhi. The book starts with a little bit info about the growing use of Nail Art all across the world and about the growth of Rhapsody Nail Studio and goes on to showcase a range of popular nail arts with pictures. From fun and funky nail polishes to serious nail art - and everything in between - French nail art, Shimmer nail art, nail extensions, there is everything you need for perfectly manicured nails in one book! Surely, this book will change your attitude towards nails.
INDIA-AFRICA: SHARED DESTINY, NEW HORIZONS Shared Destiny, New Opportunities celebrates the close partnership between India and Africa. It is an acknowledgment of our shared history as well as our future prospects. From our struggle against colonialism and apartheid to jointly accepting the challenges of a globalising world. To be released during the third edition of the four-day India Africa Forum Summit (October 26-29), the Coffee Table Book will give a historical background of Africans in India and Indians in Africa and how they created opportunities for themselves in the two nations along with current projects and partnerships, both in the political and private sectors. We also look at the future potential between the two countries.
INTERNATIONALYOGA DAY Coffee Table Book on International Day of Yoga deliberates on the celebration of June 21 as the first International Day of Yoga all over the world. As many as 192 countries ushered in the day with well coordinated programmes and demonstration on yoga asanas based on the Common Yoga Protocol handbook on that day. Several government officials, representatives from the High Commission graced the occasion. In 2014, UN General Assembly accepted Prime Minister Narendra Modi's proposal of celebrating June 21 as the day of International Day of Yoga. Divided into seven continents, the coffee table book is a perfect amalgamation of yoga celebration all over the world.

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