Times have changed. We have been catapulted from print to digital at break-neck speed and if you’re not in the game already, you’re bound to be left behind. The need of the hour is to digitise all that you know and here’s how we help you make the shift. MaXposure Digital provides the entire gamut of services needed to cross over from traditional media into digital spaces. We offer end-to-end content creation, content processing and conversion for publishers all over the world.

We take all your content, convert it and digitise it for you. On the table of services, we offer:

  • Conversion and digitisation
  • Composition and pre-press
  • Design and illustrations
  • Printing and publishing

What makes us a great choice is that being publishers ourselves, we are able to zero in on your goals and the requirements needed to meet them. We are also cost-effective saving you a buck or so, well actually saving anywhere between 40 to 80 per cent of costs incurred otherwise. Rest assured we will work around the clock to meet your deadlines and time zone. Our client service team is conversant as well-equipped to face any challenges head on and deliver timely. Why wouldn’t it be – we’re a team of award- winning designers, editors and illustrators. Time to go digital then?

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