Client: Air Arabia Sharjah & Air Arabia Morocco Publication: Nawras Editions: Nawras (Sharjah) & Nawras (Morocco) Frequency: Monthly Launch: Sep 2016 Target Audience: Sharjah Edition: Middle East & Asia
Morocco Edition: Europe & North Africa
Nawras, the monthly in-flight magazine of Air Arabia, is an absolute blend of knowledge, information and entertainment. Offering detailed experience on a variety of genres ranging from travel, fashion, lifestyle and health to sports, music, movies and entertainment, the magazine provides varied involvement for Air Arabia in-flight readers travelling between 101 destinations in 32 countries covering the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Asia.
The multilingual magazine has two monthly editions: Sharjah Edition is published in English and Arabic and caters to the readers in the Middle East-Asia region and the Moroccan edition is published in French, English and Arabic for Europe and North Africa. With the airline being the first and the largest carrier in its segment in the Middle East and North Africa, the magazine aims to target businessmen, frequent flyers, tourists, adventurers and many more.​ ​
'Shiny blue Chefchaouen
Set amidst the majestic Rif mountains, this stunning city in Morocco is a relatively unconventional holiday spot, but one you should not miss.
Lose yourself in London
This multi-layered metropolis never fails to surprise – offering newer facets along with its world-famous sights each time you visit it.
Glittery n' glorious Sharjah
From adventure sports in sea and sand to museums, malls and more, the third-largest emirate of the UAE is steeped in culture and traditions and surely merits exploration.
Your key to Kiev
Especially known for its unique contrast of golden-domed monuments and lush green parks, it is a perfect holiday spot, with quirks that are contemporary and traditional, cosmopolitan and indigenous.

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