Client: Nissan Motors Publication: Nissan Magazine Frequency: Quarterly Target Audience: Distributed to a selected few customers of the brand and the dealers pan India
The Nissan Magazine is an eclectic quarterly read for the elite clients of Nissan Motors in India. The Nissan Magazine serves as your guide to everything that is fresh and interesting in the world of Nissan, travel & holiday, wellness & gourmet, lifestyle trends and Bollywood. It documents the latest news from the labs and workspaces of Nissan be it their innovative technological advancements or consumer friendly endeavours. The editorial content and design of the magazine is innovative in its appeal, and has been created by writers and designers with an unmatched excellence in their field. The magazine has two versions - if you are one of those who like a nice read on the go, then you can opt for the print version and if you are an Internet buff, then the E-version is surely your thing. No more will you have to wait for hours for the magazine to download; the Nissan Magazine's E-version is quick and extremely user-friendly. You can flip the pages and read the features by zooming in as the pages load in less than a millisecond.

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