Client: Spice Jet Limited Publication: Spiceroute Frequency: Monthly Target Audience: With over 340 flights to 40 destinations daily and over 1.02 million people flying SpiceJet monthly for business and leisure within India, SpiceRoute is one of India's most widely read in-flight magazines. Period: 2009-2015
A remarkable year for SpiceJet, 2015 not only marked the return of its co-founder Ajay Singh, but also return of the airline to profitability, delivering results, completing a decade of operations in India and the emergence of a revitalised brand.
For Deepika Padukone, this year has been brilliant. From delivering a super hit performance alongside the shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, to bagging awards, she is having a good time.
Artisanal christmas cakes
So what if the layers of fruit, marzipan and sweet frosting ultimately melt in the mouth. A visually stunning Christmas cake is always more appealing.
Archiving art
Art in hotels does not just lend beauty to the property, the hotels in turn, act as a haven for art pieces curated over the years.
48 Hours in Goa
Do you want to walk in your beach flip-flops, enjoy and unwind with a Pina Colada and devour some fresh seafood, grilled to perfection or feel the gentle sea breeze on your face? Come, live the simple joys of life in the Susegado spirit of where else but the land of 'Sun, Sand and Sea' – Goa.

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